PaddingtonNow BID provide and manage all the seasonal hanging flower baskets, floral railing troughs,  large flowerpots and planters on Paddington’s main streets. We also work with Westminster Council to provide the flower displays in Norfolk Square Gardens, Talbot Square and Sussex Gardens.

  • We promote Paddington as a green oasis in the city, a pioneer of greening and sustainability initiatives and maintain its high regard in the RHS London in Bloom Competitions.
  • We utilise public funds such as the Community Infrastructure Levy to mitigate the impact of developments and prioritise projects that enhance the natural environment such as the Norfolk Square topiary butterflies garden and Sussex Gardens wildflower meadow.
  • We campaign against car idling and promote sustainable travel options to improve air quality.
  • We use planting and greening schemes to design out vice and antisocial behaviour.
  • We encourage community participation and involvement in environmental and
    sustainability themed events.
  • We work in partnership with Westminster City Council to ensure our three garden squares are well maintained.
  • We provide the Norfolk Square Gardens Christmas tree each year
The Topiary Butterfly Garden
London in Bloom
Sussex Gardens Wildflower Meadow
Sparrow Boxes to Improve Bio-Diversity in Paddington
Paddington Air Quality Project Saves Thousands for Hotels
Help Improve Air Quality in Paddington #DontBeIdle