8th November 2023

Introducing The Paddington Podcast

PaddingtonNow BID are delighted to introduce you to The Paddington Podcast, a brand new venture that promises to be your window into the lives of the many individuals who shape this vibrant area. Hosted by none other than the Paddington BID Operations Manager, Russell Hawkins, this podcast aims to explore the rich tapestry of Paddington’s past, present, and future.

The Paddington Podcast is more than just another audio series; it’s a celebration of a community that is constantly evolving while staying rooted in its historical heritage. Russell brings his expertise and genuine enthusiasm for the area to every episode, making the podcast an authentic and insightful experience for both residents and visitors.

The inaugural episode features an exclusive interview with Victoria Dell, the CEO of PaddingtonNow BID. Victoria is a key figure in the ongoing transformation of the area, and her insights into the BIDs role in Paddington is informative and eye opening.

Listen to the first episode here. 

The Paddington Podcast promises to be a platform for a diverse range of voices, from local business owners and residents to artists, historians, and urban planners. Each episode will delve deep into the stories that have moulded Paddington and will explore the exciting plans that lie ahead.

Subscribe here today and be ready for an immersive experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for this remarkable part of London.