16th October 2023

Artworks by Gillie and Marc to Stay Longer

PaddingtonNow BID is thrilled to announce the extended stay of the ‘Wild Table of Love’ sculpture on the corner of Eastbourne Terrace in Paddington and the Paparazzi Dogs in Norfolk Square Gardens. This announcement comes in response to the artwork’s immense popularity, attracting a steady stream of fascinated viewers since their installations.

The Wild Table of Love, by artists Gillie and Marc, brought to the area by the BID in June this year, has become an especially popular point of attraction, drawing the curiosity of locals and visitors alike. Its whimsical depiction of animals gathered around a communal table has resonated deeply with viewers, making it a must-see landmark in Paddington.

Originally placed in a sparse area of new Crossrail land, the sculpture has transformed the surroundings into a vibrant and inviting space. Through artistry, what was once an unremarkable location has been turned into a lively hub, showcasing the power of public art in urban development.