5th October 2023

Westminster After Dark

Westminster City Council is on a mission to create an inclusive Evening and Night-time Plan to improve night-life in Westminster.

On October 3rd, Westminster After Dark, a six-month consultation with the city’s residents, businesses, visitors, and communities; to inform the council’s first ever Evening and Night-time Plan was launched.

By actively seeking the views and input of local residents and businesses, Westminster City Council aims to create a plan that enhances safety, accessibility, and inclusivity while celebrating the unique character of the each area after dark.

Local businesses are the backbone of any thriving community. Through “Westminster After Dark,” business owners in Paddington have the opportunity to share their thoughts on how the night-time economy can be improved. This consultation can help streamline regulations, encourage responsible business practices, and facilitate collaboration between local enterprises.

Once in place, the plan will outline an approach which has been designed with residents, visitors and businesses that sets a vision for the future of our evening and night-time environment that truly reflects the diverse needs, aspirations, and desires of everyone who lives, works in, visits, or runs a business in the city.

How You Can Participate

Your voice matters, and you can actively contribute to shaping the future of Paddington’s nightlife. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Take the online survey.
  2. Use the map to express views on particular locations in Paddington.
  3. Join the Evening and Night-time Stakeholder Assembly.
  4. Subscribe to the Westminster After Dark newsletter.

Start making a difference here: https://westminsterafterdark.commonplace.is/