7th March 2024

Enhanced Waste Reporting Westminster Report It App

Westminster City Council has implemented significant updates to the Westminster Report It app, which should improving the process of reporting waste issues in Paddington. These updates seek to streamline waste reporting, providing local businesses, workers, and residents with a more efficient and user-friendly platform.

One notable enhancement is the integration of image recognition technology, allowing users to report waste issues quickly and accurately by simply taking a photo. This feature enables Westminster City Council to identify and address waste concerns with greater efficiency.

To access the new waste reporting feature visit the dedicated reporting portal here, which replaces FixMyStreet for waste-related issues. Feedback on this transition is welcomed as Westminster City Council continues to refine its services.

For those interested in seeing the Westminster Report It app in action, a communications and promotional video is available here, providing a demonstration of its functionality.

Local businesses, workers, and residents with questions or feedback regarding the app or the waste reporting process are encouraged to contact the Report It team via email at dveysey@westminster.gov.uk or reportitreviewteam@westminster.gov.uk.

In addition to waste reporting, Westminster City Council is reviewing updates to the noise service and form. Local businesses, workers, and residents interested in participating in this review process are invited to get in touch.