7th March 2024

Off Peak Travel Fridays

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has directed TfL to initiate a trial of discounted off-peak travel fares on Fridays starting from March 8th, effectively jumpstarting the weekend and urging Londoners to seize the opportunity to explore the city and bolster the return to office attendance.

Despite weekday Tube usage rebounding impressively to 85 percent of pre-pandemic levels and steadily climbing, Friday ridership lags behind at approximately 73 percent. The implementation of reduced fares, slated for a 3-month trial period, is part of a broader strategy to inject new life into Fridays. This initiative entails collaboration with businesses, cultural hubs, the hospitality sector, and other pivotal stakeholders to entice more Londoners back into the city on Fridays, thereby maximizing the myriad offerings London has in store.

Following consultations with local F&B establishments, and hospitality ventures, we are aware that they continue to grapple with diminished foot traffic post-Covid, particularly on Mondays and Fridays. We welcome this proactive measure to draw more individuals into the city, thereby bolstering support for these businesses and invigorating the area’s dynamic spirit.

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