15th June 2023

Eat Well in Paddington


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of nourishing our bodies with a balanced diet.

Taking the time to eat well is essential for maintaining our overall wellbeing. A balanced diet not only provides us with the necessary nutrients to fuel our bodies, but it also contributes to our mental and emotional health.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for health foods in Paddington:

1. Anything on the menu at Yeo Town in Inhabit Hotel – why not start the day with their overnight soaked apple and beetroot oats served with coconut milk, sliced banana, poached seasonal fruit with homemade buckwheat granola.

2. Avocado on Toast at The Pilgrm – Poached eggs, slow roasted tomatoes with pomegranate and coriander salsa

3. Protein shakes and fresh juices at Dr Power – There are lots to choose from! We like the sound of the Purple Power – blueberry, strawberry, spinach, oat milk and whey protein.

4. The Tabbouleh at Paramount Lebanese Kitchen –  Hand-chopped fresh parsley, diced tomatoes, onions, earthly mint and crushed grains finished off with our special dressing.

5. The roasted vegetables, salads and fresh juices at Lena’s Cafe are a local favourite and its easy to understand why with fresh ingredients and affordable prices.

Remember, a balanced diet is not about strict restrictions or depriving yourself of your favourite foods. It’s about finding a healthy balance, enjoying a variety of nutrient-dense foods, and being mindful of your overall intake.

Prioritising a balanced diet is an investment in your overall wellbeing. By nourishing your body with the right foods, you’re equipping yourself with the energy, clarity, and vitality needed to lead a fulfilling and balanced life. So, start today by making conscious choices and savor the benefits of a well-nourished body and mind.