15th June 2017

Clean Air Action in Paddington

The BID took part in National Clean Air Day in June. Team members took to the streets to ask taxi drivers not to idle and educated them on the impact that their running engines have on the environment.

Air pollution is real and harms the health of millions. Unlike other risks to our health, lots of people don’t know what causes air pollution, what effects it has on our bodies or how to reduce our exposure to it.

But there are lots of simple things we can do to improve air quality and look after our own and other people’s health.

That’s what National Clean Air Day is all about. It’s a chance to find out more about air pollution, share information with your friends and colleagues, and take action to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Will you help us and be part of the UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day? There are lots of ways to get involved:-

  •  Register to participate in Clean Air Action Days by emailing the team
  • Download the PLUME App
  • Make your own pledge to do your bit to reduce air pollution today
  • Ask us how your company can participate