24th May 2017

PaddingtonNow BID Member Consultation 2017

As part of our ongoing evaluation of activities PaddingtonNow BID is undertaking a survey of BID members. This survey is an opportunity for our businesses to share their views on the activities we have thus far delivered, tell us about what initiatives they would like to see implemented locally and it will enable us to prioritise projects and actions for the future BID term.

The survey is being conducted with one to one interviews, group sessions and online. It covers our key topics of focus: –

  • Safer Paddington
  • Recycling
  • Looking Good Feeling Good
  • Putting Paddington on the Map
  • Representing you

A range of activities have been undertaken within these topics and the consultation seeks to ascertain how effective BID businesses consider these have been.

The results of the survey will be analysed and shared with focus groups, that will meet in coming months, to discuss key aims of the BID in the future. Understanding what our businesses feel is needed, will help our board members make the decisions that will deliver the results our members wish to see, to continue to improve and promote Paddington.

As a BID business, it is important that your ideas are included, so please take part, complete the questionnaire here or call us to arrange a one to one interview call 0203 1451212 or email us on askus@paddingtonnow.co.uk/wordpress.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, it is only with your input and support that we can continue to make Paddington a great place to work, visit or live.

PaddingtonNow Questionnaire