9th November 2023

A Sustainable Transformation: First Mile’s Impact on Paddington

Paddington BID’s collaboration with First Mile has not only brought substantial financial savings to its member businesses but has also contributed to a greener and more sustainable Paddington.

Since April 1st, 2023, businesses served by First Mile, have collectively saved a staggering £318,976.74 ex VAT on their waste and recycling services. This impressive feat was made possible through a combination of Paddington BID’s subsidy and First Mile’s member discounts.

This substantial financial relief has not only benefited individual enterprises but has also strengthened the overall economic health of the Paddington community.

First Mile in collaboration with PaddingtonNow BID has also taken a progressive step by completely removing two collection vehicles from Paddington and replacing them with electric cargo bikes.

By offering financial relief to local businesses and reducing the carbon footprint through innovative and sustainable waste collection methods, PaddingtonNow BID in collaboration with First Mile has proven that it’s not just about doing business, but doing business the right way.