5th September 2023

PaddingtonNow Branded E-Bikes: A Sustainable Solution for Cleaner Streets

In a significant stride towards creating a greener and more sustainable urban landscape, PaddingtonNow BID is proud to introduce its latest initiative: branded e-bikes in partnership with First Mile.

This collaboration promises to revolutionise the way rubbish is collected in the Paddington BID area, contributing to reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and the fulfilment of long-term climate goals.

The introduction of these branded e-bikes represents a forward-thinking approach to tackling some of the most pressing urban challenges. Here’s how they will make a difference:

  1. Reducing Traffic Congestion: One of the primary objectives of this initiative is to ease traffic congestion in the Paddington area. By employing e-bikes for waste transportation, PaddingtonNow aims to reduce the number of traditional collection vehicles on the road. This reduction in traffic will not only alleviate congestion but also contribute to smoother traffic flow throughout the district. One bike has the same operational capacity as a 3.5tonne small van-sized vehicle, while saving 20.26 kg of CO2 emissions per day in comparison.
  2. Improving Air Quality: Air quality is a significant concern in urban areas, with pollution being a persistent issue. The use of e-bikes for waste collection will substantially lower harmful emissions compared to conventional collection trucks. As a result, residents and businesses can look forward to breathing cleaner, fresher air. Each bike operates on one small battery charge, which can cover 25 miles per day – an ideal operational range for urban collections.
  3. Meeting Climate Goals: PaddingtonNow has long-term climate goals to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability. By embracing e-bikes as an alternative mode of transportation for waste, the partnership with First Mile aligns perfectly with these objectives. This step demonstrates PaddingtonNow’s commitment to combating climate change and minimizing its environmental impact. First Mile’s custom-built bikes can each carry 250kg of recycling, while working silently across the capital with zero emissions.
  4. Enhancing the Pedestrian Experience: Fewer collection vehicles on the road not only reduce congestion but also enhance the pedestrian experience. With less noise and air pollution, residents and visitors alike can enjoy a more pleasant and inviting environment when walking through Paddington.
  5. Efficient Waste Management: The e-bikes will transport rubbish to two strategically located collection points within the BID area. This streamlined approach to waste management replaces multiple collections from individual businesses, making the process more efficient and eco-friendly.

Keep an eye out for the e-bikes which are already in use, the branded bikes are coming imminently. The future is looking bright, green, and promising for Paddington and we will continue to find ways to meet the expectations of our community.