6th December 2023

Winter Watch: Support the Homeless with Street Link

As winter approaches, let’s keep a watchful eye on those experiencing homelessness. If you ever encounter someone vulnerable to the cold, reach out to StreetLink—an invaluable service dedicated to connecting individuals sleeping rough with local support.

Your prompt reporting can be the lifeline that ensures they receive the assistance they need during the challenging winter season.

How does StreetLink work?

To make an alert on the website follow three simple steps:

1. Locate

Pinpoint a specific location of where you have seen the person sleeping rough using our map feature and include a written description of the location.

2. Describe

Provide details on the time the person was sleeping rough at the location and any further information about their appearance that can help identify them.

3. Submit

Once submitted, your alert goes to the local authority or outreach service in the area. You will receive an update within 10 working days if you have requested it.
If you are unable to submit an alert for any reason please contact enquiries@thestreetlink.org.uk