19th February 2016

Take Action for Cleaner Air Today

Together with Cross River Partnership and the London Mayors Air Quality Fund, PaddingtonNow BID have joined forces with other BIDS across London to collaborate on improving air quality in the city.

In March we will be launching a Cleaner Air Action Fortnight. Prior to these dates, Kings College London, will be monitoring air quality through over 250 air quality sensors placed in and around the city.

Then on 9 and 16 of March each BID will target various hotspots around their individuals areas where cars are known to wait or idle.

This activity will be focused on cars predominantly, and will not include targeting Black Cabs.  We will be asking drivers in a friendly, informative and non-confrontational way to switch off their engines.

Training sessions of 2 hours will be provided to all volunteers to help answer questions and explain reasons for doing so.

Kings College London will then look at the results of convincing drivers to switch off their engines and compare it with the previous data and see if we have made an impact.

The data collected will then be used to help form legislation around air quality in the city and on supporting funding and projects that work to improve air quality for all.

Volunteers are needed for two hour slots either in the morning or evening on  9  and 16 March. There will be two slots each day from 8am – 10am and then again from 4m-6pm, these are not fixed and may be changed depending on monitoring of our local hotspots.

Get involved now by calling Marisa Barrocas on 020 3145 1212 or email for more information marisa.barrocas@paddingtonnow.co.uk/wordpress

Click here for answers to some of the more common questions asked on how the Cleaner Air Action Fortnight will work, or just give us a call.