21st October 2020

Support for the hospitality sector this winter

Westminster City Council has published an extensive guide that sets out the details of the wide range of support available to the hospitality sector over the winter months.

This includes information on the use of council supported outdoor heaters and umbrellas over the winter, the process for permitting outside tables and chairs and updated advice as Covid-19 Alert levels have changed.

What’s new in October 2020

  • All major temporary al fresco dining schemes involving road closures will end on 31 October.
  • Umbrellas and heaters will be allowed more widely, subject to appropriate permissions, via the
    proper application process. Make sure you apply now!
  • Westminster want to hear ideas from businesses working with residents for new ‘winter appropriate’ schemes. Email your ideas to movementstrategy@westminster.gov.uk
  • Fast track licences for outside tables and chairs will run out on 31 October.
  • London is now in Tier 2 on the governments local lockdown strategy. 

What you need to know

  • You need a licence for outside tables and chairs. If you have a ‘fast track’ licence granted in the summer, it will EXPIRE AT THE END OF OCTOBER 2020.
  • Apply NOW for a new tables and chairs licence. Don’t delay or put it off.
  • If you’re not sure, see the info on our website westminster.gov.uk/apply-pavement-licence

Read the full guide here.