17th January 2024

Simplifying Levy Payments: Introducing Westminster’s E-Billing Option

In a move to enhance efficiency and convenience for businesses, Westminster City Council is set to unveil a new E-Billing service. This marks a step toward modernising the process of collecting the BID levy which is usually sent out manually as a hard copy.

If you would like to opt in for e-billing please send an email to westminster.bids@secure.capita.co.uk and supply the reference(s) and the email address to be used.

E-Billing Q&A

1. When is the go-live date for the new E-Billing service?

Email westminster.bids@secure.capita.co.uk now to opt in for e-billing.

2. Who will be automatically moved to BID E-Billing?

Businesses using Direct Debit (DD) for business rates and already on E-Billing will be automatically shifted to BID E-Billing. Use the same email for both business rate and BID levy E-Bills.

3. How can businesses on Direct Debit but not on E-Billing join?

They need to opt in for both business rates and BID bills to start enjoying the benefits of E-Billing.

4. Can businesses not on DD opt for BID E-Billing?

Yes, businesses not on DD can opt in for BID E-Billing. However, email delivery for business rates is only possible for DD users. Businesses wishing to receive both bills by email may sign up for Direct Debit online at Business rates | Westminster City Council

5. What’s the process for opting in to E-Billing?

Send an email to westminster.bids@secure.capita.co.uk, providing your reference(s) and the designated email.

6. Where will E-Bills be issued from?

E-Bills will be sent from westminsterbusinessrates@westminster.gov.uk. Avoid sending messages to this address.

7. What happens if E-Bill emails fail to be delivered?

Failed deliveries will be investigated and adjusted or removed from E-Billing as needed.

8. What if a business doesn’t pay their BID E-Bill on time?

A paper reminder will be sent in due course.

9. What if a business fails to pay the BID levy upon reminder issuance?

The business will be removed from BID E-Billing, and a paper bill will be issued. Recovery action will follow as necessary.

10. How is access granted to the BID E-Bill PDF attachment?

A password will be sent to the email provided. Businesses using the same email for multiple BID accounts will receive consolidated E-Bills in one PDF attachment – scroll down to view them all.

If you have any questions related to e-billing please email westminster.bids@secure.capital.co.uk.