4th November 2018

Sign Up to Help Improve Air Quality in Paddington

Are you interested in improving local air quality? Are you interested in saving money?

If so, sign here to join our new Air Quality Project.

We are looking for 5 hotels to take part in a pilot project that will see us monitoring their energy consumption over 12 months. After 6 months these hotels, will then take part in a workshop, during which they will be invited to make changes and improvements to their daily practise or operation or suppliers; ideally these will be simple and relatively easy changes. Following this workshop, their consumption will be monitored for a further 6 months, to track the effectiveness of those changes and demonstrate the financial savings achieved, as well as calculate the savings made in CO2 that contribute to better air quality locally.

What do you need to do?

  • Commit to participate fully for the 12 month period, this project is being funded by the BID and once complete the knowledge gained from these five hotels will be shared with the wider hotel and local business community in the BID.
  • Nominate a contact person, who will be responsible for communication with our partner in this project Considerate.
  • Ensure the nominated person has the authority to implement the changes or improvements suggested at the workshop.
  • Participate in our information sharing session at the end of the 12 month project.
  • Apply before 30 November 2018

Why are we doing this?

Air quality is one of the biggest issues facing Londoners continued health and affects everybody. Latest statistics show that Londoners’ life expectancy is reducing by on average 2 years due to poor air quality. Whilst larger organisations and government are trying to implement changes to improve air quality, we as individuals can also take small steps each day to improve our local air quality.

PaddingtonNow BID members have repeatedly stressed how important air quality is to them and how it affects them, their staff and customers. This project will be one of many initiatives, that we have taken and will take, to help make improvements to air quality for the benefit of all.  How will this project be managed?

We are partnering with Considerate Hoteliers, who will soon rebrand to Considerate, who are specialists in helping companies both large and small to make energy savings, and show you how (and why) reducing your consumption of gas, electricity and water is not only more responsible but also financially beneficial. They have developed Con-ServeTM, a data management system, which is the only sustainability data system of its kind and will reflect the success of a business that is sustainable in an easy and accessible way.

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Application deadline is 30 Novemeber 2018.

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The PaddingtonNow BID Team