3rd January 2024

Shape the Future of Paddington: Join the Westminster After Dark Programme Discussion

Westminster City Council is embarking on an exciting initiative, the development of its inaugural Evening and Night-time Plan, with a specific focus on the critical hours from 6 pm to 6 am. The aim is to create a plan that captures the diverse needs, aspirations, and desires of the local community, fostering a thriving evening and night-time environment while respecting residents’ rights to a peaceful and secure home.

As a Paddington business operating late your valuable insights and experiences are crucial in helping Westminster shape this transformative plan. The goal is to craft a comprehensive Westminster After Dark Plan that prioritizes safety, sustainability, the environment, inclusion, and accessibility, enhancing the social and cultural fabric of Paddington and the rest of Westminster.

To achieve this, PaddingtonNow BID invite you to join a discussion on the Westminster After Dark Programme. This engagement is an opportunity for meaningful dialogue around the challenges and opportunities inherent in the plan’s development. The discussion will focus on key thematic questions designed to gather valuable insights from your experiences interacting with the evening and night-time environment in Paddington, especially from a business perspective.

Date:                    Wednesday 24 January

Time:                    2pm – 3.30pm

Location:             1 Spring Street

With your involvement, Westminster After Dark will serve as a lever to challenge and change policy legislation. Please RSVP to askus@paddingtonnow.co.uk to confirm your attendance and contribute to shaping the future of Paddington’s night-time environment.

We look forward to your participation and appreciate your dedication to making a positive impact on the Westminster After Dark Programme.