30th March 2020

Protect your Premises – Police Advice

The Metropolitan Police Service are maintaining a visible presence across the capital and are committed to preventing any crime. However, we need your help to ensure that your buildings are as secure as they can be. A full advisory from The Metropolitan Police on crime prevention for empty commercial premises in London can be downloaded here. Please find a short summary below.

  1. Review your property: Conduct a detailed security review of all occupied and unoccupied property and land that you have responsibility for.
  2. Access and boundary treatments: Invest in a recognised security standard gate and locking mechanism, which is securely fixed to the ground and in alignment with the boundary fence.
  3. Prevent vehicular access: A strong vehicle height restrictor can stop large vehicles entering your site.
  4. Surveillance: In concert with ‘Government coronavirus policies’, an SIA licensed security guard employed at the site could provide a permanent presence and quickly alert the authorities to any attempt to enter the property.
  5. Forensic marking: There are several marking deterrents which can be used to enhance your security and protect your infrastructure and assets. These contain a unique traceable liquid/DNA code that can provide evidence of a vehicle or individual’s presence at your property.
  6. Remove the utility supply: These amenities can be attractive to any would-be occupiers. Cutting-off the electric or water supply to the site, if they are not needed, may deter illegal occupiers.
  7. Protecting buildings within your site: The vulnerability of a building will depend on a number of factors including its location, local criminality and the type of boundary that exists. If the location is close to the boundary, it will make it easier to target, as there is no additional layer of protection.

The Metropolitan Police will be updating information on services over the coming days, please check online for those updates.