3rd April 2024

PaddingtonNow Collaborates to Restore Iconic Phone Boxes on Sussex Gardens

In a bid to revive a piece of Paddington’s iconic streetscape, PaddingtonNow, in collaboration with BT UK and Westminster City Council, has started a new initiative to restore the historic phone boxes on Sussex Gardens.

Once dilapidated and tarnished, these phone boxes stood as unfortunate victims of neglect, serving as poignant reminders of urban decay. However, they are now poised to undergo a remarkable revival, returning them to their former glory.

Following initial cleaning efforts that have already commenced, the restoration project will soon progress to the next phase: a fresh coat of paint. Scheduled in the near future, this refurbishment will breathe new life into the phone boxes, rejuvenating their appearance and ensuring they stand as vibrant symbols of community connectivity.

The state of the phone boxes prior to the restoration effort was disheartening. They stood as neglected structures, ruined by grime, vice cards, rubbish, and discarded wrappers.

The planned paint job represents more than just a cosmetic enhancement; it signifies a commitment to preserving Paddington’s architectural heritage and creating an inviting urban environment for residents and visitors alike.

The restoration project, spearheaded by PaddingtonNow, underscores the importance of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in enhancing local environments and fostering community pride. BIDs play a pivotal role in revitalising urban spaces, promoting economic development, and preserving cultural heritage. Through collaborative partnerships with local authorities and businesses, BIDs can effect positive change and breathe new life into neglected areas.