22nd February 2021

Lillian Penson Hall Refurbishment

The University of London is bringing forward proposals for the refurbishment of Lillian Penson Hall in Paddington’s Talbot Square.

Lillian Penson Hall operates as a student hall of residence which includes 313 rooms and associated amenities over a ground floor and six upper floors for students attending the University of London.

The building sits within Talbot Square, overlooking the gardens to the south and Conduit Place to the north, from where the building is serviced.

The existing building is tired, outdated and fails to provide the quality of accommodation expected by modern-day students. It does not contribute to the setting of its conservation area nor its listed neighbours and is not energy efficient. At roof-level there is a significant amount of unsightly, outdated plant equipment which is visible in local views.

University of London are in pre-application discussions with Westminster City Council and are proposing to: 

  • Refurbish facilities and rooms with fully modernised residences that meet the needs of the modern University of London student.
  • Remove the cluttered plant equipment from roof level and replace this with a single storey mansard extension which will provide additional student accommodation.
  • Remodel the façade and reclad the front and the rear elevations so that they sit more harmoniously within the local context and improve the building in local views.
  • Replace the windows and provide new plant equipment concealed within the basement and a rooftop enclosure in order to improve the building’s energy performance and appearance.
  • Improve the building servicing including a reconfigured loading bay on Conduit Place and internal refuse and recycling storage facilities.
  • Adopt air-source heat pump technology to minimise the energy needed for heating.
  • Introduce intensive and extensive roofs to improve the site’s biodiversity and habitat for insects.

Have Your Say 

As a member of the public and the Paddington community, you can have your say about the proposals, ask questions or voice concerns to the project team.  Email any questions or concerns to: lillianpensonhall@kandaconsulting. co.uk