5th July 2024

Discover “The Little Things”: Paddington’s New Art Trail

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of “The Little Things” art trail, a unique and inspiring journey through the heart of Paddington. The trail features a series of captivating miniature sculptures from Australian artists Gillie & Marc, each telling its own unique story. As you wander through the streets, parks, and hidden corners of Paddington, you’ll discover these delightful pieces of art in unexpected places.

About “The Little Things”

Launching on July 5th, 2024, “The Little Things” art trail is a celebration of collective action and the power of small acts to create significant change. This trail features 20 exquisite miniature sculptures, each housed within or outside local businesses ranging from restaurants and offices to pubs and hotels. These businesses, our dedicated “Guardians,” are not only hosting the sculptures but are also integral parts of the Paddington community.

Gillie & Marc, the creative minds behind this global phenomenon, are celebrated for their unique and evocative sculptures that often feature anthropomorphic animals. Their work aims to inspire a deeper connection between people and wildlife, encouraging conservation and awareness. With installations in major cities around the globe, their art has become synonymous with messages of love, empathy, and positive change.

They previously gifted PaddingtonNow with the iconic ‘Wild Table of Love’ outside Paddington Station. Now, they bring us a trail that is uniquely special – Paddington is the only place in the world where you can see all the “Little Things” sculptures together.

What to Expect on the Trail

As you explore “The Little Things” art trail, you’ll encounter diverse artworks that each tell a unique story. The trail is designed to be inclusive and appealing to everyone. Whether you’re a fan of Gillie and Marc, a family looking for entertainment, a visitor to Paddington, or someone who lives and works in the area, there is something for you. The trail brings joy to residents, provides inspiration for art lovers, and creates engaging moments for families.

Launch Day and Website

Join us on July 5th for the official launch of “The Little Things” art trail. On the same day, we are thrilled to unveil our brand-new Explore Paddington website which is part of Paddington BID’s plan to enhance visitor experiences in the area.  A user-friendly online map is available on the website which provides detailed information about each sculpture’s location and the stories behind them making it easy for art enthusiasts and casual strollers alike to discover and appreciate the entire collection. This free trail is open to everyone and suitable for all ages.

Check out the map and start your adventure here: www.explorepaddington.co.uk

Join the Movement

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey through Paddington. Share your inspiring moments and acts of kindness with us through photographs and stories. Please use the hashtag #LittleThings and  Discover how “Little Things Lead To Big Changes.”

Together, let’s celebrate the power of art, community, and positive action. See you on the trail!