9th September 2021

Can Recycling Save the Planet?

PaddingtonNow BID is delighted to invite you to a networking evening with guest speaker Bruce Bratley, First Mile Founder and CEO.

In his talk he explains that recycling has a key part to play in the circular economy. In recent years, attention has been placed on personal choices, such as diet, travel and recycling; but are individual behaviours enough?

He also explains that ‘green shaming’ is deflecting attention from much bigger policy and economic changes that are urgently required to stop climate change.

The talk will be followed by networking with drinks and canapes.

Event details

Monday 20 September

1800 – 1930

Hilton London Paddington, Red Star Room

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Bruce Bratley Bio

Bruce graduated from Edinburgh University in Social Geography before completing his Ph.D in Environmental Marxism at the UK’s first interdisciplinary environment and sustainability department at Surrey University.

While studying the circular economy and producer responsibility for his doctorate, Bruce decided he could have more environmental influence by working with businesses to make them greener. After completing his Ph.D. Bruce went to work for producer responsibility pioneer Valpak, where he worked as part of the founding team who devised the first tradable permit to evidence recycling in the packaging supply chain.

After growing Valpak rapidly, Bruce founded First Mile because he wanted to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint with circular economy waste services. Founded in 2004 First Mile delivers recycling and circular economy services to businesses throughout the UK to assist them on their journey to net zero carbon. First Mile helps over 25,000 businesses achieve high recycling rates, arrange product and packaging take-backs and powering the circular economy with purchases of green products such as recycled packaging and energy made from food waste.

Bruce started First Mile with one vehicle based at a community centre behind his house. Since inception First Mile has grown rapidly each year and in 2017 Bruce partnered with private equity firm Growth Capital Partners to ensure First Mile was well funded to continue its rapid growth to ensure a growing customer base could benefit from circular economy services.

Bruce is proud to have won awards at First Mile for innovations in recycling, green logistics, sustainable business and in recognition of the unique culture at First Mile.

Bruce hosts a weekly podcast called Zero 50 (zero five-oh) which celebrates sustainable businesses and individuals making an impact on getting to zero carbon by 2050.