6th April 2022

BID Levy Collection 2022

The last two years have been difficult for the majority of our businesses who fall under retail, hospitality and leisure, the sectors hardest hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Despite the BID campaigning for relief for BID members, the Government made the decision to keep the BID levy as a mandatory payment during the pandemic, citing their relief grant and loan measures were adequate to help those suffering.

To provide some measure of relief, Paddington BID Directors made the decision to write off and discount 25% of the levy for years 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, in recognition that it takes time to make up the loses of the last two years, they have discounted the 2022 BID levy by 15%.

The notice you will have recently received from Westminster CC for the 2022/2023 BID levy has already had this 15% discount applied.

After two years of minimal enforcement action, Westminster CC are now actively seeking payment of any outstanding levy charges – if you receive a reminder notice this month please be aware that a summons will shortly follow if the debt remains unpaid.

Please note that the BID is not involved in the levy collection process and will not be able to intervene once a summons has been issued.

Please contact Westminster City Council if you have any queries:

Post: Westminster City Council, Business Rates (BIDS),

PO Box 187, Erith DA8 9EY.

Telephone: 020 8315 2112.

Monday to Friday 8:30am-6 :0 0pm.

Email: westminster.bids@secure.capita.co.uk

Website: www.westminster.gov.uk