5th October 2021

A Tour of Paddington by Adventure Lab

PaddingtonNow BID are pleased to announce the launch of a new Paddington experience in partnership with Adventure Lab.

Adventure Lab is a new app and platform from the team at Geocaching HQ that allows you to create, play and share unique outdoor scavenger hunts, experiences and games. It is currently the first of its kind in Paddington.

This Community-generated Paddington tour lets you uncover hidden gems, learn local trivia, discover landmarks and everyday treasures through an interactive, outdoor and contactless experience.

Each Adventure is created by another Adventurer and shares a special location, story, challenge or educational experience. Whether you’re looking for an activity for your family, yourself, or a date, you’ll love getting outside and exploring with Adventure Lab.

Click the QR code to download the app now and get started or get a taster for the Paddington Tour here: https://adventurelab.page.link/B2Ea

This Lab has been designed to have a physical container at the end. If you would like to find it you will also need a Geocaching account to log the find. To learn more about Geocaching Adventure Lab®, go to https://labs.geocaching.com/learn