World Exclusive ‘Little Things Lead To Big Changes’ Street Art Project Paddington

In the bustling heart of London lies a unique opportunity that sets Paddington apart from the rest of the world. While the captivating street art project, “Little Things Lead To Big Changes,” by artists Gillie and Marc is set to mesmerize over 20 cities globally, Paddington boasts an unparalleled distinction – it is the sole destination where you can see the complete collection in its entirety.

As statues from this global phenomenon are strategically placed across iconic locations like Sydney, Los Angeles, and Paris, Paddington emerges as the epicentre of this extraordinary event. Nowhere else on the planet will you find all the statues gathered together in one place, offering visitors and residents alike a rare and exclusive experience.

Before these captivating statues embark on their journey to initiate a thrilling family friendly trail across the Paddington area, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in their collective beauty and significance by joining us at an exclusive viewing.

PaddingtonNow BID, in partnership with Gillie and Marc is delighted to bring this exciting project and we would like to you to a casual walk-in view of the collection at the PaddingtonNow Office, 1 Spring Street, W2 3RA on Monday 18th March between 12-6pm.

Feel free to stroll in or let us know you are coming by booking through this link.