Bosla Arts Poetry Social at Frontline Club

On Friday 4th November at 7pm there will be the Bosla Arts social and poetry evening at The Frontline Club.

There will be poetry readings by poet and Beeston Bursary winner Mohammed Moussa.

Mohammed Moussa earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature and now is a translator and English language trainer. He is passionate about writing poetry, which he says is like “a safe river where my feelings and emotions can flow peacefully. Through poetry, I express what I feel and experience, in an attempt to convey my experiences to the outside world.” Recently, Mohammed wrote a poetry book titled. ”I Was Born in Gaza,” about his experiences during war-time. “Living in a besieged city and occupied country has taught me to snatch the sweetness of life from of the bitterness of miseries,” he says.

Ticket are redeemable with one house drink.