A Whistle Stop Tour of Developments in Paddington

Join us on Wednesday 21 November for an overview of developments in Paddington.

Kay Buxton, Chief Executive of The Paddington Partnership, will give a presentation on Paddington schemes, including those on site and in the development pipeline.

The Paddington Opportunity Area is the largest development area in Westminster. Containing over 30 different schemes, the development timetable stretches from 1998 when the Partnership was launched and is expected to last in excess of 25 years. At the completion of all development schemes, Paddington will be home to over 3,000 new homes, more than 3.5 million sq ft of offices and two new schools, along with over 1,000 metres of new towpath and five new bridges.

At 6pm, Kay Buxton will present an overview of schemes, followed by a Q&A session.

We are kindly hosted by one of Paddington Partnership’s founding members, European Land, at their Pavilion, which overlooks Merchant Square and Paddington Basin. Andrew Scrivener, Managing Director of European Land, will also be on hand to talk about the next phases of Merchant Square and to answer your questions.

Refreshments and canapes will be provided by Lockhouse London.