Citizens Advice Briefing for SME Managers

PaddingtonNow BID has partnered with Citizens Advice Westminster to invite you to a briefing on Wednesday 17 October. You can hear from the team about how they can help you to resolve and manage a range of life’s problems.

When a member of your staff has a personal or family problem, this not only causes them stress and anxiety, it also impacts on your organisation if they need time off to sort out the issues or have difficulty concentrating at work.

What if you, their employer, were able to assist by referring them to a local organisation where they could get free, independent and impartial advice on their problem, or be referred to a specialist service with the expertise to help them get back on track as soon as possible – this would be good, both for your staff and for your business.

Citizens Advice Westminster will talk on the following subjects:

  • Debt and money advice
  • Income maximisation/in-work benefits
  • Housing/landlord issues
  • Nationality and immigration issues

They can also tell you where you can refer staff who have time-consuming care responsibilities or who need help for more complex problems such as mental health issues or addictions.

There will be two briefings on Wednesday 17 October. Please choose 1030-1130 or 1500-1600 by clicking here and select the ‘select date’ tab on the left.