Best of the Blooming BIDs at Prestigious London Awards

On Friday 20 September, PaddingtonNow BID was awarded Gold and Best in Category at this year’s London in Bloom awards ceremony.

They are extremely proud to be the only BID to be awarded Gold in 2019 amongst nine other BID entrants.

Paddington is beginning to build a reputation as a BID striving and making steps towards change by taking part in the competition.

With cleaner and greener streets, safer environments, less graffiti and litter, an increase in civic pride and community involvement and with a focus on sustainability and conservation, the area is beginning to benefit from increased commercial enterprise and tourism.

Judging day, which took place on July 9 this year was the best Paddington had looked in a long time. The BID worked in partnership with Continental Landscapes, Window Flowers, Community Clean,  Westminster City Council and First Mile to make it happen.