On Thursday 21 October, the BID held an open security meet in Norfolk Square Gardens. The Metropolitan Police team and CST were on hand to take questions from the public, hand out security flyers and offer free security alarms to BID members. Read more. 

On Monday 20 September, we held the PaddingtonNow BID Annual General Meeting. Bruce Brately, Founder and CEO of First Mile gave a speech entitled ‘Can recycling save the planet?’. Click here for photo gallery.

On Friday 20 August, The Mississippi Swamp Dogs, a New Orleans Brass band took Paddington workers, visitors and residents across the world to Mardi Gras in the American South for their lunch break.

On Friday 31 July, we welcomed a Caribbean Calypso band to Norfolk Square gardens for some lunchtime entertainment. The rain didn’t stop any of the fun.

In mid June a special Food and Drink version of Explore Paddington was made available online and hard copies distributed in late June. Read the first of its kind online here. 

As part of the BID’s wellbeing drive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people to return to after the pandemic, the BID in partnership with Inhabit Hotel Paddington and Live Karma Yoga,  put on three monthly meditation sessions to help ease people back in to returning to work after lockdown. Read more. 

On Friday 25 June, we held our first holiday at home picnic lunch. Mariachi music by Mariachi Rey took attendees across oceans and gave them a little bit of the holiday spirit over their lunch break. Check out the Facebook gallery here.

Starting in June and running through to September the BID held its popular outdoor yoga sessions in Norfolk Square Gardens in partnership with Live Karma Yoga. Read more. 

Monthly meditations are part of the BIDs wellbeing drive and take place once a month. The sessions are to help people deal with anxiety around returning to the area for work. Read more. 

In March, the BID held a online wellbeing event in partnership with the NHS Trust. The session taught the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and how this can be used to combat anxiety around the Coronavirus pandemic.

In March, the BID delivered Thank you St. Mary’s Hospital stickers to all the businesses along Praed Street. Read more.