Paddington BID is renewed in October 2008, with an 83% majority.

Paddington BID’s Crossrail Business Liaison Panel holds its first meeting for businesses in November 2008.

Paddington BID, as part of Westminster City Council’s Civic Streets programme, contributes towards the paving, widening and relighting of Praed Street’s pavement in December 2008.

The BID completes the landscaping of 108-166 Sussex Gardens in August 2008, cleaning and re-planting the gardens and repairing and repainting the railings.

An event to celebrate the re-watering of Paddington Basin was hosted by the BID and local restaurants in September 2008, with music, remote controlled boats, games and fantastic dining offers.

The BID’s Party in Paddington series continues with live music, face painting, magic and a barbecue over two days in September 2008.

Candlelit carols take place in Norfolk Square in December 2008, with businesses providing winter warmers mulled wine and toasted chestnuts.