4th January 2021

Art Work Brings Positivity and Colour to Paddington

There is a striking new artwork in Paddington wrapping around the site of Paddington Square, the upcoming development set to transform the area in Spring 2022.

The art work, entitled ‘Nurture Nature’ by illustrator Kelly Anna was commissioned by Deezen and the developer Sellar Group.

Kelly Anna sees the commission as a beacon of positivity and colour in the city, and a creative use of building site hoardings.

“What I really loved about this project is the idea that we are using this hoarding as a space for art,” she said.

“It just automatically brightens up the city. For me, that’s the most important thing, that people feel inspired.”

Kelly Anna took inspiration from Renzo Piano Building Workshop‘s design for Paddington Square, touching on the aesthetics of the structure as well as the principles of sustainability and wellbeing at its core.

“Paddington Square was designed in this really geometrical style with a focus on sustainability, I really wanted to incorporate that in my design, mixing nature and architectural buildings.”

To find out more about Paddington Square click here.

Photos by Paul Grover.